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Cody Area
Cody, Wyoming, the eastern gateway to Yellowstone National Park, is a small western town with a friendly attitude.


  • As buyers approach your property the first time, impressions are formed quickly.
  • Paint house - this can do more for sales appeal than any other factor.
  • Yard - Remove all toys, garbage, garden tools and other items from view.


Ann M Flack, Associate Broker
Peaks to Prairie Realty

In May of 2007, I moved from northern California where I worked as a business manager, to Cody Wyoming.  Near the end of 2007 I decided I wanted to do something a bit different, so I began to study for my real estate license.  In May 2008 I became a Wyoming REALTOR.  Most of my career was spent working for architects, landscape architects, planners and engineers.  While I enjoyed my time working with these talented people I am so happy I decided to make a late life change and go into real estate.  I love working with people helping them find a place to call home.   I do have a passion and energy to partner with my clients to help them not just imagine but realize their dream, find a home to create a space for communing with family and friends.   When I am not discovering new properties in and around Cody Wyoming, I love to immerse myself in the outdoors including hiking, golf, bicycling and gardening.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals whether it is buying your next property or selling your current one.



Ann M. Flack, Associate Broker (307)587-8778 OFFICE (307)250-7369 CELL  www.codywyomingproperties.com


Packing away clutter  

Key to Quick Sale - Make sure home is in move-in condition!!

If you're trying to sell your home, be aware that grabbing a would-be buyer's attention begins the moment they drive up.  You want to create a good first impression.  Color at the curb is a good trick either by painting your front door, or placing pots with blooming flowers near the entrance.  In winter a cheery, colorful wreath might do the trick.

Clean - This cannot be stressed enough.  No one wants a dirty house.  Clean cob webs, windows, floors and any furniture.  Remember elbow grease is free and an easy way to show that you have cared for the home.

Beyond Clean - If your carpets are old, and some rooms are dingy, consider taking the extra step.  Installing carpet and painting walls could cost little and save you big in negotiations with a buyer.  Clean, fresh and neutral colors!

Declutter - Pick up all your rooms - this means magazines, toys and knickknacks.  Put these items in storage.  If your kitchen counter space is limited, make it look as large as possible by putting toasters, cookie jars and other items in storage.  Same goes in bathrooms.  Would be buyer's can be easily distracted from seeing the actual house and their stuff in it, remove and store is key!

Staging - While decluttering is important you don't want a sterile room.  Make it inviting, clean and cheery.  Turn on lights throughout, crazy I know during day but it is actually a help in showing your home and open blinds when there is a showing.

Neutralize Odors - Cooking smells, pet odors, diapers, mold, mildew and smoke can kill a sale almost instantly.  If you can't smell it ask your agent to give an honest opinion.  Covering up odors with plug-ins, perfumes and candles raise a red flag too.  The key is to clean up whatever is causing the odor.  Don't smoke in the house, this is a turn off immediately to any non-smoker.

Fix-up - If you have small projects that you've been meaning to get done, do them.  Finally, if you are in the middle of a medium-large project, finish it.  Don't show your house with a project half completed.